Saturday 5 July – Off we go

Up at 7am to get one daughter off on her Duke of Edinburgh weekend. After breakfast sister did her last bit of packing and house checks before we loaded up the car. Other daughter had gone for a sleepover. Got into car and turned on ignition. Nothing. Flat battery. Due at dads in 5 minutes time which was luckily only a 15 min drive away. Luckily boyfriend came over and jump started car. Got to dads just after car arrived to take us to Dover. We were expecting a car just for the three of us but it already had made one pick up and in all honesty there was not enough room for the four of us and luggage for two weeks. (Turned out other passenger thought the car would be picking up her friend to take the two of them to Dover so something has gone wrong somewhere). Midday by time we set off. Traffic stop/start on M25 so journey took longer than expected. Arrived at Dover 2.30 and with dads limited mobility were given priority and on board Saga Ruby by 3pm. A little nicer than the Saga Rose, but then it’s a little newer too. Made way to Ballroom for a snack as we had not eaten since breakfast after which sister and I went to the Spa Treatment rooms to see what offers were available for the cruise. Had a glass of champagne. Did the lifeboat drill then went back to room to start sorting things out. Went up for Bucks Fizz drink to wave UK goodbye before going down to Spa area and booking some treatments. After dinner, unpacked and had a wander around. Nice evening and sea calm. Lets hope it stays this way!