Saturday 5 April A busy saturday

Up and a busy day with five cottages out and five plus a B&B in. Cottage guests out promptly and no problems encountered by the two cleaners. One had brought her children up, so they helped out by taking the dogs for a walk and by stripping beds and some general jobs for some pocket money from me! A few sleety showers but nothing settled. B&B guests arrived by midday and were settled in so they could make the most of their time. One of the cottages have been here a few times before and they arrived just after 3pm with the rest arriving steadily until the last ones arrived about 5.30. Stopped about 6pm but left the light on in case anyone had any questions. Got Chris to record the first of the new series of Dr Who. I cant believe the program is still going after all these years. I remember the very first episode (even though I was very young!) The program has evolved and I have really enjoyed the programs since they revived it a few years ago. Only when we sat down to watch it we discovered Chris had set the timer wrong. Thank heavens for BBC3 repeats! Sat down to blog with Smudge snoring at my feet.