Saturday 4 August Black Saturday

well actually it is more like black Friday night. After blogging I was catching up on some reading and was browsing through ‘Quality Edge‘ a publication we receive regularly from ‘Visit Britain’ for accommodation that is quality assessed (star ratings etc). It does always have useful info and details of national marketing campaigns but the interesting snippet was that tourism in the UK has only just returned to 2001 levels prior to Foot and Mouth and 9/11. We then just happened to catch the beginning of Newsnight when it mentioned that F&M has been discovered again. Like so many things we can now only wait and see what happens.

So Saturday morning arrived a little on the breezy side but still bright. The dogs had their last pats from the departing children as well as their pictures taken. Most guests were away on time but a few took a little longer. It would be the cottages where I wanted to defrost the freezers! All the cottages were left in a fine state so with fewer to do today (five out, six in and two already in) the cleaning was finished by about 1.30pm. One freezer was defrosted. I had some lunch and serviced the B&B rooms then discovered I had still not hung out all the washing from the morning so I then had 45 minutes to do my final check of the cottages which I finished on the dot of three.

The guests arrived at various times between 3.30 and 7pm. This week we have three cottages who have been before, one as recently as Easter. They come very regularly and are looking to move to the area. This means we could lose another regular couple! One of the most long standing customers of Bolehill have found a house in Ashford in the Water and will staying here for the last time at the beginning of September.