Saturday 31 May A busy day

Up and did breakfast before going down to the Farmers Market. Last three cottage guests and both B&B out and two cleaners up to turn them around. No major problems encountered although one cottage was a little untidy. Seven cottages and both B&B due back in so glad got a lot done yesterday. Six cottages arrived between 3& 4 pm with one cottage and one B&B between 4&5 pm with the final B&B here about 6pm. Continuing the overseas trend we have B&B guests from Tasmania. Two of the cottages have been here before. We also have a number of dogs here this week. It had been quite a pleasant day weather wise although the sun kept disappearing but it had remained warm so we had a pizza outside on the patio as two hot air balloons floated by. I bet they could hear Smudge barking at them! Two bi planes also flew over. Turned off the reception light about 8.30pm.