Saturday 30 August lots going on

A busy day today with eight cottages out and back in as well as one of the B&B’s out and in. Also I managed to squeeze a trip to the Farmers Market and got back just in time to see the last guests depart. Finally the road to town is open, this is the first time I have driven down to Bakewell on this road since before I went to the Baltic. The traffic was really noticeable today, I am guessing most of it was going to the Chatsworth Country Fair. Three cleaners and Fay up today. Luckily no major problems encountered but with all cottages fully occupied there were a lot of beds to be made… a lot of ovens to clean…and nine empty win bottles to clear from one cottage! Cleaning didn’t finish until nearer 2pm. Additionally the video man was here again today mainly to concentrate on indoor shots. A warmer sunnier day was forecast and although it was a little brighter and warmer it was not particularly sunny. It was too hazy for outdoor shots. Was just on the verge of finishing when the first cottage arrived at about 2.45 followed by the second cottage just before 3pm. Grabbed a quick lunch as did Chris but it was 4pm before the next cottage arrived and all but one were in by 5pm. Four cottages have been here before. Final cottage arrived just before 6pm. They have four collies with them, although they are not staying in the cottage but in their specially converted van. The B&B guests arrived just before 7pm, they had been at the Chatsworth Fair. I had bought some bits for a BBQ but we decided it was not warm enough but we still had tea outside. Saw some hot air balloons, there were some last night taking off from the Fair and weather permitting should be some tomorrow. Gave something for the dogs to woof at – they always woof at hot air balloons.