Saturday 3 November Welcome to Derbyshires latest attraction!

Bit of a gloomy start and a hectic start to the day. Whilst trying to cook breakfast I had a phone call to book a cottage, one guest was after some washing powder and another enquired about extending their stay. Additionally there were three sets of cottage guests leaving. Phew! I needed my cup of tea before taking the dogs for a walk. Met Andrew inspecting the new grass in the two fields that were sown this year. I walked around with him while he was checking for thickness and weeds. In the first field he had been thinking about grazing sheep but the grass is currently not long enough. In the second field there were some patches that looked a bit yellow, a possible sign of slugs.

Back at the cottages my Saturday cleaner had three cottages to turn around, but with only two coming back in there was less pressure so we got some extra jobs one. Additionally Chris and I went around a number of the cottages and made a list of major and minor jobs to do.

At about midday Chris noticed a group of about half a dozen people standing on our drive taking pictures of our house, the cows and scenery. Chris asked if I knew who they were. Looking from a distance they seemed quite young and I wandered if they were a group of Duke of Edinburgh walkers who had got lost, but they did not have rucksacks. I went down to see them and they turned out to be a group of Korean tourists on their way to Bakewell who saw our place and wanted to take some pictures! They asked about other scenic place to visit so I gave them some suggestions. Perhaps I should start charging an entrance fee!

First guests in at three and second set just after 5.30. Spent a few minutes with one of our regular guests who has not been feeling too well but is going home tomorrow any way. Cooked a roast chicken and sat down about 8.30 not having got much paper work done. Smudge was a bit unnerved by some fireworks going off in the distance. Was going to catch up on blogging but put Heroes on and this weeks episode was so absorbing I hardly did a thing.