Saturday 3 May a trip to the auction

A nice day forecast and took the dogs out early. Three cottages out with two back in and my WI guests swapping cottages. Both B&B arriving today too. Both B&B’s and one of the cottages have been here before which helped as I was planning an ‘outing’ and wasn’t sure what time I would be back. Two cleaners up and cleaning well underway before I decided about midday to go down to the Bakewell Auction House to view the gardening auction. Chris dropped me off and I had a quick look to decide if there was anything worth bidding for. As there was a number of items that looked suitable for the ‘gaps’ that we have Chris left me there. A couple of hours later and with about two dozen successful lots (some lots had 5/6 plants) and a small tree I phoned Chris to come and collect me. (Will do some pictures soon). He was delayed by the first cottage arriving early but we collected my purchases in two loads and were back in time for the second guests who arrived just after 3pm. The first B&B guest arrived about 4pm and the final guests about 5.30pm having had a walk in Dovedale. Had dinner and watched Heroes and Dr Who.