Saturday 29 September a varied day

Up and down for 7.30 to rustle up toast and tea for one guest before he went off to Chatsworth. Put another load of washing on and took dogs for walk before having my breakfast and then doing breakfast for the remaining three. Four cottages going but only two in (two more in tomorrow) so a long weekend as there is another turn round of some cottages on Monday. Said good bye to most of the guests before heading down to Bakewell and the Farmers Market. I took the wife of the husband who had gone to Chatsworth as she was now carless. She was going to spend a few hours in Bakewell and make her own way back. Got my usual range of goodies from the market and remembered my lunch this time I did ask at the stall if I had left it behind last time – but hadn’t (but apparently some have in the past). Also met the American couple and some of the departed cottage guests there too.

Came back and cleaning was well under way. Fay had come again and with just one cleaner it lightened the load. With cleaning finished by lunch time and only two to arrive I spent some time doing various bits including defrosting a fridge and then spent most of the afternoon getting the accounts up straight. The guests arrived between 4 & 5pm. One of the B&B proprietors in Bakewell has started a taxi service and he brought the the B&B lady back. We had a chat with him. Cooked tea and sat down just after 8pm!