Saturday 29 November An inversion day

Woke up and surprised that we were not ‘fogged in’ as forecast. Could see fog rolling around but by the time we left for the Farmers Market we were above the fog. Chris cam with me today so I had someone to carry the bags instead of having to make a couple of journeys back to the car. Stayed down town after the market to get a few bits. It was still foggy and cold there. Came back to a sunny Bolehill for coffee and when unpacking realised I had not picked up a joint of meat from one of the stalls but as they knew me I phoned them and they have put one aside for me to pick up during the week. After lunch did some more work on dad’s estate, mainly checking information required for the probate and putting information on computer. Also did some jobs around the house. In the evening drove back down through the fog to Ashford where we had been invited to dinner by Sandra and Mike. They have been there over a year now. A very nice meal and by the time we came back home the fog had cleared altogether.