Saturday 29 March First big Saturday changeover.

An early breakfast so dogs walked before three cottages left this morning. One cleaner up whilst I went down to the Farmers Market at Bakewell . Back in time for coffee then serviced the B&B room before starting the final checks for the arriving cottages. Five cottages and one B&B in today. Everything finished before first guests arrived just before 3pm. They were here last year as B&B guests when we had all that rain and flooding. Needless to say it was chucking it down when they arrived. The rest of the guests including the B&B guests were all in by 4pm so a busy hour but then I could get on with things. After dinner went to the village hall at Over Haddon to see a play by the New Perspectives Theatre Company called In Search of Pontiflunk. It was a one man dialogue recounting the steps of the same walk taken through Derbyshire en route to Lincolnshire from Manchester. The first walk was undertaken a hundred years ago by an Edwardian who was worried about the pollution created by industrialisation, and as he walked he planted acorns. The second walk was by a writer retracing the steps last year to see the outcome of the original walk. He did actually find some of the acorns had become oak tees! Pontiflunk was the name of the dog the original walker adopted. It was very interesting.