Saturday 28 July this time last week…

…I was in Olden. I remember then worrying about Chris and how he was managing without me. Very well as it happens. hopefully this mean I won’t have to wait another five years for a holiday!

Some guests were slower to leave this morning with the last not leaving until 10.30 am. Luckily cleaning was well under way with one cottage today a little untidy. (Last week there was one left a bit untidy). Two couples leaving today have been here before and one already has indicated they want to book for next summer – but needs to confirm dates. This week, for the first time in a while, we have no repeat visitors. But with guests arriving in seven cottages and both B&B rooms a busy day lay ahead. One cottage for two was empty for the weekend, despite putting a special offer on the web. This is unusual for the time of year and we can only assume the recent poor weather has put people off.

Still no major problems, although one freezer compartment was defrosted and I noticed a couple more will need to be done soon. My first guests settled himself in. He had spent the last few nights in the B&B and is now in one of the smaller cottages for three weeks prior to moving into a bungalow in Bakewell, although dates still need to be confirmed. The next guests arrived just after 3pm and then it was very strange. It was nearly 4.30 before more guests arrived. I was beginning to get worried. Was it the nice weather or had there been an accident somewhere? Most arrived between 4.30 to 5. 30 then the last few between 6.30 to 7pm. Late but finally everyone was in. Tonight’s dinner was fish and chips and we watched Toy Story 2 before going to bed!