Saturday 27 September Farmers Market

Said goodbye to two cottages with three due back in today. It was a lovely start to the day so I decided to go to the Farmers Market without a jacket but it was one of those temperature inversion days as it was 10 deg and sunny here but still a bit misty and only 6 deg in Bakewell. Just as well most of it was indoors. Came back via the Bakewell Auction Center but it was very busy so I didn’t stop. Only one cleaner up and no problems encountered. As it was so nice did some extra washing to dry in the sun. It was the lowest humidity I had seen for a long time. This is when the weather station proves useful! Had time to eat lunch (with no disturbances) out on the patio in the sun! Each time we sit outside I think it will be the last time. With a bit of time to spare Chris did dome steam cleaning in showers and I did some more leaflet and lampshade checks. First guests arrived just before 3pm with the second ones about an hour later and the final guests about 6m. In the meantime we spent some time finishing this quarters accounts. Cooked a dinner and sat down about 8pm. Two days in a row sat down at 8pm. Whatever next!