Saturday 27 October

Another busy day ahead. Up and after breakfasts took the dogs for a quick walk so I could go to the Farmers Market. Four cottages out today but only two in but five cottages to clean as some guests arrive tomorrow or Monday. Went down to Bakewell but the Farmers Market was not as busy as I thought. I was also quicker than usual (did not queue for mushrooms). Got back with provisions and had coffee with the two cleaners. One of the cottages had been left a little untidy so had taken longer but in the end all the cleaning was finished by 1 pm. Had lunch and finished in the cottages that were arriving today. We leave questionnaires for guests and the feedback we get is useful. Today somebody reported a broken can opener, its often things like this that we don’t know about unless someone tells us. Also one of the CD players was not working. These days with so many electrical appliances to keep an eye on. Tomorrow we have lots of clocks to adjust!

Both cottages arriving today have been here before and are friends. This is the third year running they have returned. The first couple arrived at two and the next at 4 pm. I also did some finishing off in the cottages arriving tomorrow. Geoff from Chelmorton called in and we had a cup of tea. I did some sorting out from today (separating bedding for laundry or washing etc). Phoned my dad. Had tea and sat down about 8.30 after dealing with some emails and bookings.