Saturday 27 December

So the Xmas guests depart and the New Year guests arrive. Six cottages out with six back in and two cleaners and Fay to help with change over. Postie collected the 600+ brochures to go to former guests so hopefully the phone will start ringing in a few days time. No major problems encountered (a minor problem of a smelly fridge but think we have sorted that) and only one breakage. Have had a bit of a sore throat all week and being in and out of the cold today seemed to make me feel worse. With all cottages left in a good condition good progress was made and everything ready by 2pm. A spot of lunch before first guests arrived just after 3pm. Five of the guests arrived between 3&4 pm of which two have been here before. A few hours to get accounts up straight and a load of washing and some bits around the house. Final guests arrived about 9pm, they have also been here before.