Saturday 26 January

Off to the Farmers market as soon as dogs walked and cleaner here. Not much to clean but the one cottage that did need doing was a bit of a state. The second in two days. Its just as well we don’t get too many as bad as I wonder if my cleaners would stay with me! When I got back the cleaner and I did a couple of inventories and she spruced up a cottage for Mondays guests where Chris had laid the lino. As I had rushed down to the market I didn’t get to do my usual chores like hanging up the washing and servicing the rooms until after lunch. One set of cottage guests in today. Spent a few hours doing some odd jobs in the cottages. Have been washing voiles, nets, throws and cushion covers over the last few weeks and gradually working my way around the cottages. Went into one cottage to change a shower curtain and found a puddle where a shower seemed to have sprung a leak. Another job for Chris! Managed to sit down just after 8pm and cooking a roast dinner but interrupted by two phone calls during the next hour.