Saturday 26 April

Bakewell Farmers Market after doing breakfasts leaving Chris to take the dogs for their morning stroll. A lovely spring feel to the day as I went down to the Market. Got my fudge and I only had to queue for a couple of minutes for my mushrooms! After getting my usual bits popped into town to get a lottery ticket as it was a double rollover. Back home my Saturday cleaner was getting on well with her cottages. Only one was due out today with four back in. Three are regular customers. It was pleasant enough to eat lunch outside. Three guests arrived between 3-4 pm. I spent an hour or so potting up plants in the greenhouse before the final guests arrived. It was a nice evening and perhaps we should have gone for an evening walk but never mind. After dinner watched Dr Who, Heroes and CSI, New York back to back. There has been a lot of talk about Heroes season 2 being disappointing, but I enjoyed the first episode so will continue to watch it.