Saturday 25 October Lots Happening

Up and after breakfasts and saying goodbye to guests headed down to Bakewell for the Farmers Market. Got some of my usual bits plus some different items as I make a habit of trying something new every time. Arrived back home the same time as the first of the guests. They were going for a walk before checking in later. Two cleaners here today with four cottages out and five back in. Once back from Bakewell our first task was to replace the sofas in one of the cottages with the ones delivered on Thursday. It is a long way from the garage to the cottage with a three piece suite and then back to the garage with the old sofas. Having installed the suite and move the furniture and TV to get the right balance, it is only when we test the sitting positions that we realise there is a possibility of hitting your head on one of the beams if you jumped out of one of the chairs. So we had to rearrange them again and hopefully we have got it right now. Of course now it means some of the pictures on the website need updating and a segment of the video is already out of date! That’s Life! Having spent about an hour or so on furniture moving it meant I was now in a race against time to get everything else done on time. No major problems encountered with the cleaning but one cottage was a bit untidy and we had a couple of breakages to replace and a blood marked duvet cover to deal with. Thank heavens for Biotex! Final cleaning finished about 2.30 by which time I had done most of my bits. It had got very windy but luckily the rain had held off so far. Most guests arrived between 3 & 4 pm with the final ones arriving about 5pm. One cottage has been here before. With such a hectic day it was a good excuse for a takeaway then sitting down by 8pm. Watched the film ‘Captain Corelli’s Mandolin’ which we had recorded recently. I have read the book and enjoyed the ‘Hollywood‘ version but just feel that some books do not translate into films and this is one of them.