Saturday 25 August Farmers Market and changeover

Last phone call at 10.30pm last night. Up and after breakfast and dog walking it was off to the Farmers Market leaving Chris to bid farewell to our departing guests. Five cottages and one B&B out and six cottages and two B&B in so a busy day was still ahead. Bought most of the usual bits at the market but when I got back I discovered I had left my lunch (some samosas and pakoras) behind! Cleaning was well underway and with a full compliment of cleaners the work was finished by 1pm and with time for a proper lunch everything was ready for 3pm. Guests arrived at steady intervals from about 3.30 with the last guests, for the B&B arriving at about 7pm.

Another one of Andrews cows decided to explore the grass verges so as it was miking time Chris went to see what he could do but Joanna came and they managed to return it to its field. It had been another fine day and I had hoped we might squeeze a picnic in sometime before the end of the month. This year there has been a distinct paucity of evening picnics!