Saturday 23 February Blue goes AWOL

Up and after breakfast took dogs for their walk. It was quite breezy. First Saturday this year with no-one in or out. Farmers Market at Bakewell and Chris decided to come too so I made him chief bag carrier! A couple of new stalls today. Heage Windmill, near Belper, were selling their own ground flour so we bought some for the bread we make for the B&B. Also there was a farm from Hathersage selling Hope Valley Ice cream which was very yummy so I bought some! Bought some of my usual bits and we came back for coffee. Serviced the B&B, hung up the laundry and did some bits and pieces and then it was lunchtime. I could here Chris whistling for the dogs (they usually come back to the whistle) and Smudge came back there was no sign of Blue. After about half an hour we feared that he had followed some walkers and Chris went for a drive to where some of the footpaths came out on local roads but came back with no dog. I decided to go for a walk around our fields to check he hadn’t had an accident. Last time he went awol we found him in one of the stables where Chris had accidentally locked him in. I was away about half an hour but when I came back there he was. Chris had got a phone call from some walkers who had found him at the Bulls Head at Monyash (they had dogs of their own). So we have to assume he saw someone on the footpath and went with them. The trouble is unless they discouraged him he would have followed them. It has been two years since he last attached himself to some walkers and bearing in mind there are always walkers passing by, so we are not sure why today. I decided it was because Smudge had had his spot on my blog so now it was his turn! Sat down for 8pm.