Saturday 23 August

A nice morning greeted departing guests, wonder if that was why no-one was in a hurry to leave! Most guests left about 10am with the final one about 10.30. Luckily most were left in a good condition. With only six left to do and three cleaners and Fay here good progress was made aided by good weather. Again a lot of phone calls looking for last minute availability. Finished cleaning by 1.30 and with an uninterrupted lunch able to finish my checks and do some extra jobs by 2.30. Chris cut the grass and we had a steady stream of arrivals from 3 – 5.30 pm. Three of the eight cottages arriving have been here before. Caught up with some accounts whilst waiting for guests. Had a take away pizza for tea. Final guest arrived just before 8pm after which fed the dogs and sat down.