Saturday 22 September last big summer changeover

Seven cottages today, but with one already gone it was six out and six in with one arriving for a short break on Monday. Fay also came up for a couple of hours to help in lieu of the time Chris has been helping with her computer. With three here today the cleaning was finished by 1 pm and we worked out a cleaning rota for next week. After a bit of lunch I spent an hour finishing the cottages, finishing defrosting a fridge, changing some curtains and cleaning some oven shelves and whatever else I could do before 3pm! I was expecting an early rush because of the rugby but only one cottage was here for three. In fact everyone else turned up at 4pm. Out of the six cottages five have been here before even if it was not in the same cottage, so when everyone turned up at once they knew where they were going and I sorted them out in turn. Did a little paper work and had a take away, a Chinese tonight, first in a long time, before sitting down at 8pm!