Saturday 22 December

Up and did breakfast for our guests but left Chris to take the dogs for a walk whilst I went down to the Farmers Market. It was quite busy but I expected that. They had already nearly run out of Scotch eggs! The vegetable stalls were very busy, so much so that I walked back into town to pick up vegetables – but the shop was equally as busy. Our friends had also gone down to the market but I did not see them. Got back and sorted out the purchases. Talked to some of the guests who had arrived yesterday. One more cottage is due to arrive but not until later. When our friends came back we had lunch and checked if there was any other bits we needed for the next few days. Our friends went off to Buxton for a few hours whilst Chris and I did a few bits. I have a list of things I want to get done before I finish for Xmas. In the evening we went to the Packhorse at Crowdecote. Chris likes to check if there are any groups in and we knew there was a party of eight due in – who turned out to be Andrew Joanna and some friends. When we got back the cottage had just arrived so I showed them in and then I sat down with our friends to watch the final dance off in Strictly Come Dancing, except Chris who was not interested!