Saturday 21 March

Still bright but visibility still poor. Two of our peak district cottages out with one back in. One cleaner up. A chance to get a few more bits done in the cottages but the morning just went. No problems in the cottages except for a vacuum cleaner which decided to give up the ghost. Luckily we have a spare so will have to buy a new spare. Guests arrived about 3.30, they have been here a few times before. Also another regular guest called in to say hello. She’s looking for somewhere to rent in the area. Attended to some paper work as well as jobs like planning next weeks cleaning rota then cooked a roast dinner and sat down for 8pm. On the local and possibly national news last night was the article about a driver who had bee clocked doing 173 mph but the speed could not be proved. The ‘country lane’ they talked about is the A515, a busy road from Ashbourne to Buxton. It is notorious for the number of fatal accidents.