Saturday 20 October all aboard for half term!

Just two cottages out this morning but five to come back in meaning guests in seven cottages by tonight. A lot to get through with five cottages to clean but good progress was made even with a lot of extra jobs to do including replace a door handle and return all the duvets to the cottage Chris’s parents had used (they preferred blankets). One set back was finding that most of the laundry returned yesterday was not ours! There was enough for today but will have to find a spare set for tomorrow. Finished just after 1 pm and had lunch. Chis went and cleared the leaves again. It is a twice/thrice weekly job at the moment but most leaves do seem to be down now. This is earlier than usual.

Was just about to go and finish in the cottages when the first guests arrived. It was just gone 1.30 pm and as was not ready had to ask them to come back later. They had already phoned and asked if they would be able to get in early and we had explained that it wold not be possible. Still some do try. As much as I hate turning guests away some times I have to. It would not be fair to those who arrive on time and find their cottage was still not ready. I finished checking all my bits by 2.45 and the first guests were in by 3pm. The rest arrived steadily from 3 to 5 pm.

It had been a beautiful sunny day and as the sun started to go down we had some lovely colours on the stone walls. The setting sun gives them a pinkish tinge which changes the perception of the place. As a cold evening was forecast I lit our log burner for the first time this autumn. I cooked a small roast dinner and sat down about 8pm. There was a lot of anticipation amongst the guests about the rugby match and shame about the result but the team did well. It was the first time on a Saturday night I had both B&B guests in watching TV!