Saturday 2 Feb A white day

Woke up to a snowy landscape with a nice sun rise. Out with the camera so photos to upload. After breakfast first chore for Chris was to put salt down on the paths for the B&B guests and also in particular snowy spots for the cottage guests. As he was doing that the phone rang – it was the cleaner stuck at the bottom of the drive. He went down and towed her up. We have noticed that different cars either do or don’t manage to ge up the drive when it has snowed. By this time we realised that the drive would need salting so Chris went with a large bag of rock salt and spread that on various points hoping that the combination of sun and salt would do the trick. The postman managed to get to the top of the car park but not up in to courtyard so out Chris went again. This time one of the guests arrived too early and could not get the car up into the courtyard as Chris had justed to spread the salt so we helped carry the luggage to the cottage. Three cottages in today – all for a week. (None out). Two have been here before. The third cottage is my first overseas visitors for the year from Australia. Chris had wondered why they would want to come here in our winter when it was their summer. The reply is with temperatures in the 40 deg C’s with humidity in the 90%’s Britain is a much better option! They were delighted to see the snow! Decided to stop at 6pm but the doorbell rung a few times after that.