Saturday 2 August all hands to the pump

Up early with both sets of B&B guests having 8am breakfasts. Early walk for dogs and with timely departures we were able to get a good start. Seven cottages out with seven back in and one staying for another week. Two cleaners up today as one had other commitments but Fay came up too and helped with beds. I also helped with dusting and bedrooms and as the cottages had all been left in a good state we made good progress. Our friends went out for the day. Finished about 1.30 and just finishing lunch when the first guests arrived early. They were a family from Holland, our European guests for this week. Got them settled in case we had a 3pm rush but as it happened the guests arrived steadily between 3 and 5.30 pm. our friends came back shortly after that so we headed down to the Lathkill Hotel for a drink before picking up a chinese takeaway from Bakewell.