Saturday 1st December

No advent calender to open but a beautiful sunrise to greet the new month. After breakfast one set of B&B guests left but have no-one back in this evening. My weekend cleaner came up and got a couple of cottages ready for Monday and did the B&B room too. Took a couple of bookings this morning. Strangely enough I have more guests in during next week than I do this weekend. Must be the special offers we have posted! After lunch and after the cleaner had finished we drove over to Hathersage. Chris needs another pair of working boots but we could not find any. We then went onto Castleton but it doesn’t have the range of outdoor shops that Hathersage does. Castleton is a nice village but does get very busy. At this time of year it is a popular destination to see the Christmas lights. They are by no means spectacular, in fact they are very simple, but as you walk down the main street as dusk fall you feel transported back in time as all the old buildings give the place an old fashioned appearance.

We came back and I caught up with some bits for an hour and also phoned my dad. He is coming up to stay this week. We then went out for a meal at the Grouse and Claret at Rowsley.