Saturday 16 Feb

A quieter day but busy nontheless. Took dogs for walk after breakfast. It was sunny but cold so wore Chris’s Rigger boots (fur lined outdoor work boots). Too cold for wellies. One B&B out with one B&B and one cottage in. One cleaner up. Went down to Bakewell to top up breakfast bits but went without a dog so I had a chance to go into some shops I often don’t have the chance to. Came back and after servicing the rooms and hanging up the laundry it was almost lunch time. Minor problems today included a fridge door that wouldn’t shut properly and Chris had to sort out a problem with the emails. Sheep have gone and I didn’t have a chance to say goodbye! We have a few dogs here this weekend. One boy found our two dogs joining in his game of football and when he took his dog for a walk in the field ours went too! Weather is promising for tomorrow so I spent some time in the evening trying to decide what one to do. Must make a list!

B&B guests arrived just before 4pm and the cottage guests about 5pm. Switched off the light at 6.30 and went and made tea.