Saturday 16 August a very busy day

Another wet day forecast but it got off to a dry start enabling departing guests to leave without getting wet. Three cleaners and Fay up and with eight cottages out and back in plenty to do. B&B guests out too but no B&B guests back in as we have given ourselves the weekend off as we had some friends coming to stay. We have not seen them for two years and they were our neighbours at our former home for a number of years. They arrived as I was in the middle of defrosting a fridge and they settled themselves in front of the TV to watch some Olympics. Today was dubbed ‘Super Saturday‘ as it was hoped we would get a number of medals. Our former neighbours knew one of the coxless fours so wanted to follow his progress. I had hoped to see the men’s 100 metres at about 3.30pm but never did. Apart from a carpet that needed a quick clean no major problems encountered. Most cleaning finished by 1.30 so I started my final check then with cleaning finished altogether by 2.30, which is the latest for a long time. Chris made some toast for my lunch but I did not get to eat that until 3.15. From 2.30 to 3.15 five of the cottages arrived so at least I then had a chance to chat with our friends. The next guests arrived about 4.15. Two cottages to arrive later, one has been here before and the other a German family. We set off with our friends just after 5pm for Buxton. We had tickets for a performance of ‘The Gondoliers’ which was being staged during the annual Gilbert & Sullivan Festival at the Opera House. By now it was raining and we stopped for a meal at ‘The Lone Star’, a Mexican style restaurant, just round the corner from the Opera House. We all enjoyed our Fajitas! The performance was very good and there was a bit of a ‘sing a long’ to some G&S songs before the performance began. Still raining on way back and could see final guests were in but would catch up with them tomorrow.