Saturday 15 September When plans go awry

Today was the last of the full Saturday weekly turn arounds. Eight out and eight in. Luckily like last week they were left in a good condition and the guests made a timely departure. Unlike last week noting was left behind (last week a dog basket was left behind). Cleaning went well and was finished by 1pm. A number of fridges needed to be defrosted but I had to prioritise and settled on the two worst. I was on schedule until our B&B guests turned up two hours early. They had had a bad journey and I showed them in but offered to make them tea later. This took out 15 mins which was then exacerbated by the first cottage guests turning up at 2.30 Luckily their cottages were OK – just- as I knew they would be one of the first to arrive, but it did mean I was rushing to catch up. (It was not until later in the day I remembered a couple of small things I had forgotten to do). I did finish just after three and the last of the guests had arrived by 5 pm. This week there are returning guests in five cottages.

For the third time this week we visited the village hall at Over Haddon. This time it was for a visit by the Bakewell Silver Band for ‘A Night at the Proms’. We went last year and it was a very enjoyable evening with plenty of audience participation. Another example of the results of a dedicated village hall committee.