Saturday 13 October

Another day of goodbyes and hellos. Four cottages out and two back in. Two have already booked again for next year. A 50/50 weekend with some cottages not back in until Monday for short beaks. Also one B&B out and back in. Took dogs for a walk, was a bit drizzly but was supposed to clear up (but didn’t really). Two cleaners up and four cottages cleaned as well as the B&B. Finished by lunchtime. Two cottages arrived between 3 – 3.30 pm. B&B just after 5pm. Some guests even had a sauna – long time since that has been used. Spent about an hour going through the boxed games we have in the leisure area. Replace them regularly so checking on what bits are missing, sellotaping boxes or throwing away.

Made decision about cleaner so had to let a few ladies down. Haddon Grove are also looking for some extra help so with the ladies permission I have passed their names and numbers on to them. My new lady starts on Monday.

Chris took his mum down to Bakewell for an hour or so. After tea sat down and watched Heroes.