Saturday 12 July – Tallinn

So while Chris was seeing to a complete changeover we were arriving in Tallinn. An UNESCO site it is a medieval walled city similar to, but a smaller version of Prague. We were docked along side the Oriana today and after breakfast took the shuttle bus the short distance into town. Unfortunately after a few nice days it was a bit damp this morning but still warm. We made our way to the higher part of the old town before coming back for lunch. After a quick salad on deck we caught the bus back to town and looked around the lower part of the old town. It had turned much dryer and warmer but a short sharp shower sent most people for cover. We got out our umbrellas and wandered around the market with the crowds! There was a medieval festival on so we watched some dancing. We explored some churches and side streets and found a lot of vendors selling lovely knitwear. All very tempting! Back in time for afternoon tea and made sure we had our swim before dinner. Watched the show, with the onboard dancers and singers before exploring the ‘Goumet Fest’ and our mug of Horlicks. The guy obviously recognizes us as regulars as he had our mugs waiting for us!