Saturday 10 November

A quieter day and a chance to catch up with things. One cottage out and two in so full house proper (I think I said that yesterday but miscounted!) The morning flew by with usual bits and getting things ready. Finished cleaning by 12.30, one cleaner today who did some extra bits in the cottages. Had lunch and finished my bits including defrosting a fridge by 2.30. First guests arrived just as finishing and next guests a couple of hours later. In the meantime I started looking at next years prices. Sounds late to be doing this but noticed it was this time last year when I did this years prices. I have had a few enquiries about next year and already have a number of bookings, those who have booked recently have had their bookings at this years prices.

Cooked a roast lamb for dinner and took a couple of bookings this evening, the latest being at 9.30pm. We are now almost fully booked for next week.