Saturday 10 November The trouble with cows pt 1

Another summer day. It seems like we have gone from winter to summer. Lets make the most of it. One cottage out, one moving to another cottage and three cottages back in. Departing guest has booked for later in the year and this time next year and also bought me a little present. One cleaner up and good time made with cleaning. As it was pleasant we decided to have coffee on the patio. We noticed some cows seemed to be going in then coming out again. We thought perhaps he was bringing some in for vaccination then releasing them but could not make out exactly what was happening. Heifers, like dogs, cats and horses need vaccinations at certain times of their lives. As I had time I did a utensil check in some of the cottages. Guests arrived between 3&4 pm. One has been here before as B&B guests. I spent more time in the greenhouse and have now planted up all the hanging baskets. Some of the latest arrivals are not looking good. Naturally I had an audience but this year they cannot reach the rhubarb as we have fenced an area of the field off where all the chippings and logs from the fallen trees are. By the time we had finished it was almost 6.30 pm so we ordered a pizza from Riccis in Bakewell. One of the B&B guests were enjoying a take away on the patio so we commandeered the patio set from the cancellation cottage. We were enjoying the pizza when we heard Andrew drive through the field with his trailer. That usually means a poorly cow. From where we were sitting I saw him stop and reverse the trailer into the next field. Joanna opened the trailer and out came four heifers. Three stayed in the field but one jumped back into the first field. Chris went to help and between the three of them got in back into the field where the other three were having a little run and exploring their new home. Chris came back and told me that the scene we had witnessed this morning were the youngsters being let out for the first time before coming over here but they were running amok in the yards (and their garden knocking down some walls in the process) so in the end they were rounded up and put back in the shed. He had therefore decided to bring them across by trailer. Andrew went to get another load of heifers and let them into the field and immediately three jumped into our field at the back and one over the fence back into the first field. I decided I would go and help and while they cornered the escapee I went to check on the other three. As it is an ‘L’ shaped field we could not see where they were so I went to check on them. In the meantime the cows in the front field were spectating but as I walked through the front field to find the other three I was followed by the cows being their usual inquisitive selves. Normally it does not worry me but it is a bit disconcerting to hear hooves behind you all the way. I found the other three still in the field but getting acquainted with the older cows over the wall. Went back to Andrew and the others who had cornered the cow and was going to take her back. Andrew decided to call it a day and bring the rest over tomorrow. We went back and finished our dinner and watched three hot air balloons before retiring inside to watch CSI New York.