Saturday 1 September a good change over

With two cottages already gone the cleaners were able to make an early start. Seven cottages today (one tomorrow) all were left in a good condition. So it was goodbye to some regular guests and to some first time guests. One couple wanted to make a booking for Christmas but I didn’t have anything suitable left for their family. Good progress was made with the cleaning ans it was all done by 1pm. The only blip came when I defrosted a fridge and it did not want to turn back on. Luckily Chris was able to fix it but in the mean time we got a spare fridge out of the garage just in case. I grabbed a slice of toast and an apple for lunch so I could get on with things. My extra job today was to check table mats and coasters and I replaced a few.

It had been a bright morning but started to cloud up after lunch. Chris cut the grass and cleared up some leaves that the wind had blown into the courtyard. A minor diversion by a plane flying around – I did not recognise what type it was but decided it had something to do with the Country Fair at Chatsworth. Guests arrived at a steady pace from 3 to 5.30. Today there was one returning cottage and there was 3 cottages with WI members (but not booked together). Pizza tonight then a little blogging.