Saturday 1 November October’s weather stats

A quieter day. After breakfast four cottages departed and two cleaners up to turn them round. No problems encountered and an opportunity to do some extra jobs. Only one cottage back in today and they arrived just after 3pm. So a chance to catch up a bit from yesterday and cook a roast dinner. A friend of Chris’s phoned who lives in Manchester – they have just moved but still live in the same area. Spoke to my sister and all being well dad should be out of hospital early next week. Watched the Timewatch programme about the last day of WW1 and then this week’s episode of Heroes.
Weather wise a month of contrasts with the wettest day of the year and month being the 1st with 1.35 in. Total for month 5.09in compared to 1.53 in 10/07. The warmest day was the 12th and warmest night 12/13. Highest temperature was 16.5 on the 12th and lowest was -1.7 on 29/10. Coldest day as 30th and coldest night was 28/29th of the month.