Sat 2 June big change over

Woke up to sunshine and first morning not having to do a porridge for breakfast! I am surprised at how popular porridge is all year round. The silaging was already underway by 9am. The sound of cutters and collectors would continue well into the night with the humidity being so low.

So today there was five cottages to turn around. As usual some had been left in a better state of tidiness than others. With so much to do before the first guests arrive at 3pm we were one cleaner short to start with so the last thing needed on Saturdays is a problem. The one today came in the form of the guests freezer self defrosting. The worst thing was I had most of my stock of recently purchased ice creams from Waitrose in it!

Still we did it! Finished at 2.15 just as the first guests arrived – they were early and apologised but I let them settle in while I did the final check. There was what I call the ‘three o’clock rush’ where most guests arrive between 3-4pm. This week all the guests were ‘first timers’ – none had been here before. Last guests were here by 5pm.

Chris disappreared over to the farm to see how things were going while I sorted out the laundry. Sometimes on a busy Saturday we have a take away and I hadn’t decided what to do. When Chris came back, as it was still quite warm, we went for a walk. Well we drove down to Over Haddon and then walked along Lathkill Dale t Conksbury Bridge then back up to Over Haddon. Here we stopped at the Lathkill Hotel and had a drink (good beer!)and sat out in the garden area and admired the views. The dogs came too! By now I was no longer hungry so came home, watched CSI New York and went to bed.