Problems Monday 9 March

Touch wood I am grateful we have not had any serious problems with guests so far at our Peak district cottages. We still subscribe to a B&B association and there is a section where we can have rants or exchange views and I am amazed at the number times that B&B owners talk about the mess or damage guests leave in their wake and don’t admit it or offer to pay for it. In the B&B the worst we had was a spilt cup of tea that left a stain in the carpet. In our peak district cottages we have had our fair share of minor damage and breakages and always dread the day we go to a cottage when guests leave and find real damage. A few weeks ago the police called here actually looking for a nearby complex. They had come after reports of damage by guests. We did once have a situation where a cottage had booked in as three adults and two children and technically they were, three eighteen year olds and two seventeen year olds. I kept an eye on them but apart from an untidy cottage (its amazing where we found crumbs) there was no damage. As for today it was a broken oven thermostat. Departing guests had said they weren’t sure if the oven was working (this is where the cottage questionnaire comes in handy) and trying the oven with a oven thermometer proved it was not working properly. With guests due in we decided the only option was to move them to another cottage. Chris made some phone calls to the supplier and they will come to replace the thermostat during the week. These are new ovens (we have three of them) and they are still under guarantee. Two of our peak district cottages out with two back in. One set of cleaners did some spring cleaning and one turned the required cottages around. Both cottages in between three and four pm. Chris and I then took a drive up to Ladybower to view some flats that were for sale. We were being nosey as it was open viewing but we couldn’t find anyone to show us around despite phoning the agents. Never mind, needed some petrol! By the time we got back it was time for dinner then a few pone calls and sitting down in time for Heroes.