On the go Friday 1 May

A busy day with four cottages out of our peak district cottages out and three back in. Two cleaners up to do the four cottages, should have been three cleaners but one was unwell, but with all cottages left in good condition the two of them managed the four cottages. Zipped down town to get bits for the weekend and after lunch and the cleaners had departed did the checks on the cottages arriving today. Also checked all the cottages that guest will be arriving in tomorrow so there will be less to worry about then. A number of phone call from newspapers trying to sell advertising space. Always seem to get them on a Friday. First guests arrived just after 3pm, two couples in one cottage arrived a couple of hours apart at 4 and 6pm and one cottage, who have been here before arrived just after 5pm. After dinner did some tidying up and emails before sitting down just before 9pm. Now the evenings are lighter it is easy to forget how late it is. Watched the English Heritage programme about Park Hill in Sheffield, Europe’s largest listed building. Will be interesting to see how it turns out. Can tell its a Bank Holiday weekend as the phone went at 9.30 with an enquiry about accommodation for this weekend.