October 29 October a busy Monday.

Up early – couldn’t sleep – so out for a walk with the dogs before putting more washing on then doing breakfast. Our B&B guests departed and booked for same weekend next year – so that will be their fifth visit. Also departing was one cottage. So today there was two cottages and two B&B rooms to turn over with three cottages and one B&B in. Full house in the cottages again. With one cleaner short I helped on beds to start but despite one cottage needing a little extra time good progress was made so I was able to get back to usual Monday things and make sure everything else was ready in time and it was just in time! Still missing some laundry. Two of the cottages arrived at about 3pm and the third a bit later – they had popped up in the morning to check where it was. The B&B guests arrived about 5pm. Despite having been around yesterday to change all the heating timers and water timers external lighting timers there is always one or two that don’t get changed for a day or two, like my washing machine timer which I had forgotten about.

Also the couple who moved to Ashford in the Water a couple of months ago dropped in later in the afternoon. They have been busy with renovations but wanted some advice from Chris on some building matters. I roasted a couple of joints I bought on Saturday. After tea Chris went to the Photographic Society and I caught up with myself! Sat down just before 10pm, too tired to blog but hopefully should have a better nights sleep.