No peace for the wicked! Tuesday 3 March

A dull start with bad weather forecast later in the day. A busy morning here at our Peak District Cottages with phone calls and emails – felt like busiest morning for a long time. Chris went to Buxton for a training session and I stayed behind. First eggs of the season from the hen. Plan to increase the flock by applying for rescued battery hens. One cleaner up today to clean cottage for this afternoon’s arrivals who turned up early as it had started to rain. In fact we had more rain today than in the whole of February. Spent most of afternoon with Chris as he imparted his newly acquired knowledge on the computer system we have to use and update for the local tourist office that shows our vacancies. Went out (by taxi) to The Royal Oak at Sparklow to celebrate a friends 65th birthday. We all enjoyed ourselves. It was wild and windy when we left but calm and clear when we came home. As we had gone out early had time to watch CSI.