more snow Tuesday 10 February

Yet another covering of snow here at our Peak District Cottages and yet another visit from Andrew with his snow plough. He stopped for coffee afterwards and was telling us about new proposals that the EU wish to introduce on slurrying which could have serious impact on some farmers. Despite all this delay we set off for Sheffield probably no later than if we had been doing B&B. It was a lovely day and the sun was starting to melt some of the snow. First stop was to pick up the new trophy we are sponsoring for the Bakewell Photographic Society. Almost next door is a Decco warehouse (membership card required) which sells all kinds household and garden items. I was able to pick up a number of replacement kitchen items for the cottages and Chris found a number of tools and DIY bits he was looking for. Next to Arco which specialises in protective clothing. The recent weather has taken its toll on some clothing. Almost opposite is Makro where we stocked up on usual items. Finally onto B&Q before heading home aiming to get back whilst still light and before the ice set in. Although there was snow in Sheffield there wasn’t as much as we thought but obviously going over the tops could see how bad the side roads were. After dinner one of the cottage guests came over for a drink. One of the nicer aspects of this lifestyle!