More arrivals Saturday 14 February

Valentines day and flowers for two of our guests! One cottage out and three back in so full house! One cleaner up and no problems encountered. After lunch spent some time paying this moths bills. This time of year the bills are at their highest with all the work we have been carrying out, so I have plenty of invoices to check and pay. First guests arrive about 3.30. They have been a few times before. Second guests arrived about 4pm and final guests about 4.30. Carried on with accounts until we had dinner. Hopefully Chris uploaded the final pictures of the snow at our peak District Cottages onto the blog. The ice is becoming slushy despite no sun today and for the first time in almost two weeks cars have bee able to get up into the courtyard! Tonight a treat with take away fish and chips! Sat down for 8pm – an early evening for a change!