Mondy 7 July At Sea

Woken up at 2am by the Pilot disembarking the ship. Somehow we seem to her the winch from our cabin, the only negative thing I have to say about it. We have a fridge, which we did not have on the Saga Rose and have used it for fruit and water. I eat more fruit when on holiday than at home. Perhaps it is because I have time to eat meals without being disturbed. The Baltic, being an inland sea, is not tidal, which means we don’t have to worry about sea sickness. The day dawned bright and sunny again and another pleasant day was forecast. After breakfast went down for my second detox treatment. This was aimed at cellulite mainly and again involved the use of the electric pulses. This time the beautician took some measurements of parts of the body I wanted to concentrate on before wiring me up. After an hour of electrical pulses, which I could feel more this time she unstrapped me and measured me again. I am pleased to say I have shown some instant results with a loss of a total of 10cm from waist hips and thighs. A new me! My sister had a massage that was on special offer and by the time I had finished I joined her and dad for lunch in the dining room. We spent an hour on deck afterwards doing some puzzles then walked the ‘deck mile’ (seven times around the boat) before going to afternoon tea. We then sat on deck a bit longer before going for our first swim in the indoor pool. Tonight was the first formal night, but with three scheduled for this cruise we decided on the informal dining in the Lido. There were a few others who had opted for this. Went for a quiz session but only managed second place. Decided on an early night after that.