Monday 9 June Bakewell Market and BBQ

Another hot day forecast so with one B&B departing and none coming in we decided to have a BBQ with the couple we are friendly with who are in one of the cottages. This is the last day for the foreseeable future that we have nobody in for B&B and the first Monday for a long time that I have no cottages in or out so I decided to go to the market in the afternoon. One cleaner up in the morning to do both rooms. After lunch went down to Bakewell and Chris came too. Had a look around the market and got a few bits for the BBQ. Made a detour on the way back to Monyash to buy an ice cream from The Smithy Cafe in Monyash. They are very nice. Perhaps I should also mention at this point that in a recent edition of the Sunday Times it had 50 things you should do this summer. One was to visit Blaze Farm at Wildboarclough on the edge of the Peak District. ( They make ice cream (Hilly Billy ice cream) which is really scrumptious. Had an early evening BBQ to take advantage of the warmth and light. A very enjoyable evening.