Monday 8 October

After a sunny day yesterday today was dull and a bit disappointing – still forecast is promising for later in the week. So today it was two cottages out and three cottages and two B&B in. One of those cottages was to be my in laws but my father in law was not well so their arrival has been postponed for a day or so. In one of the cottages I have retuning guests and in the other my business man. I had two cleaners this morning and I also started interviewing some applicants for a new cleaner. So what with all that and laundry and rubbish being collected I still managed to make sure everything was ready in time. Had some leftovers from yesterday for lunch (and dinner) Guests arrived between 3 and 6 pm. In between kept up with phone calls and emails with a rush of phone calls between 9 and 9.30 pm. Finally sat down just before 10pm.