Monday 6 August

A quiet day. Said goodbye to the B&B couple who have been in for 6 nights. When couples go who have been in for nearly a week it is like saying goodbye to friends. It used to be more common for guests to stay for B&B for a week but these days 2/3 days is the norm. Also a couple in one of the cottages went home. Nobody in today so time to catch up on jobs. It was lunchtime before I finished the usual bits but this also included showing a couple around who then made a booking. In the afternoon I sorted out the linen and towel room which is actually a small bedroom in our side of the house. It is where I keep all the B&B linen and towels plus spare linen and towels and spare duvets and bathmats. Having recently replaced most of the B&B towels I was able to put the old towel into the spares and put to one side some older towels for recycling or dog use.

One cottage reported a broken glass. We don’t get as many breakages as we thought but this last week we have had a few. We don’t charge for such breakages as our philosophy is that accidents happen at home so they will happen on holiday. As it is I dropped and broke a glass this evening! Also one of the cottages reported a DVD not working and Chris checked this out and found this was the case. Again we expect to have to replace a number of electrical items during the year and we were advised that toasters would most probably be the item we replace most but in fact we have had to replace more microwaves than toasters!

We had a power cut in the evening for about half an hour. This is only the second real power cut we have had – we have the occasional ‘blip’ – but as it was still light hopefully it was only a minor inconvenience to most! I finished cooking someones spaghetti on our hob! It was very ominous in the distance and we could see some flashes of lightning and hear some thunder. Luckily it never reached us. We did have a shower over night. Our first rain this month.