Monday 5 January

Woke to a dusting of snow and freezing temperatures again. Have had to take a bottle of water up for the hens every morning for the past few days as the water pipe has frozen. Trouble with snow, even a light dusting, is that after the first car has been up or down the drive can start to get icy. The cleaner decided to park her car at the bottom of the drive on the field but as she did so the dustcart was negotiating it ways very slowly down the drive and the cart was skidding a bit so she moved her car further back! After that Chris went out and salted the drive so our arriving guests and existing guests could get in and out! We have started work today on Bluebell. We are renewing the shower tray and tiles in the shower room then will renew the kitchen cabinets. Guests arrived about 3pm after which I headed to Bakewell, mainly for the bank and to get some food, but also the market. Unfortunately they were already packing up so I will try again next week. Back and cooked an early dinner as Chris was heading to the Bakewell Photographic Society meeting. I started to take down our decorations, two sets of lights failed during the last few weeks so I will see if I can find the offending bulbs. Took a couple of bookings before stopping at 10pm.