Monday 4th June

As Mondays go this was quiet. No departures and one arrival so a day to get on with things.

Another early breakfast so chores were finished ahead of time. Blue enjoyed his early morning stroll now that the cows are in the back field. Other usual Monday events include the rubbish collection (we are classified as trade waste and pay extra for this). Also I have the laundry collected and last weeks returned.

The post bought the first of this months bill. The electricity bill for six months as we disputed the last quarterly bill and it has taken another quarter to sort it out – hopefully.

While I pottered in the courtyard in the afternoon putting out plants Chris was down at the farm ‘tyre chucking’ as we call it. The silage was covered and tyres put on to keep the covers on. It took four of them the best part of three hours for this back breaking task.