Monday 31 December goodbye 2007 and weather stats

Up and one set of B&B guests out with another couple due in later. After usual bits we turned the room around. Rubbish was collected and just in time! Had planned to go down town this morning but after a flurry of phone calls and emails ( the brochures sent out had started to arrive) decided to go down after lunch. Chris was going to come with me but he found a leak on a central heating valve which means he had to fix that leak on one of the pipes. Eventually I set off about 2.30 and was surprised at how busy town was but decided everyone had come for the market. Only when I had parked (must have found one of the last few spaces) discovered that there was no market. I guess a lot of others had come for the market but then again a lot of people were still on holiday. Realised something was up when I went into the Co op and the shelves were empty. Had I missed something? Wanted some milk and mushrooms, found the former but there was no latter. Neither did they have any potatoes carrots or salad bits. Popped across to the fruit & veg shop but they were out of mushrooms (because everyone who could not get them from the Co op had gone to them). So no mushrooms for my guests! (Well I have enough for tomorrow). Then had a few minutes me time and bought a jumper. Reading up on New Year superstitions I had read that wearing something new on New Years Day brings good luck. I was trying to find out if doing washing on New Years Day brings bad luck (as one of my friends keeps telling me) but with all the B&B change overs I need to keep up with the washing. (Couldn’t find anything that said it was bad luck). Back in time for our next set of guests to arrive. A quiet night in for us. A few more phone calls and bookings so wont complain.

December stats. Warmest day 6/12 temp 11.7, coldest day and night 21/12. Coldest temp -3.2 on 16th. Warmest night at 8 degrees was 28/12. Wettest day 8th with 3/4 in rain with 4.93 inches this month.

Here are this years weather stats